How to search

Single or multiple words can be entered into the main search box, similar to the way you use Google. Like Google, Envia can handle word stems, retrieving items on "flooding" if "flood" is used.

If more than one term is entered into the search box it will look for items that contain both of the words (a Boolean 'AND' operator). If you wish to find items that contain either of the words then separate them with a Boolean 'OR' operator. To find items that exclude one of the words, use the 'NOT operator. For example:

  • flood OR thames will retrieve items with either the word "flood" or "thames" in them
  • flood NOT thames will retrieve items that contain the word "flood" but not "thames"

Note that operators such as 'AND' and 'OR' must be entered in capitals to avoid the system searching for them as part of the search query.

Specific phrases can be searched by enclosing the words within double quotes. Searching for "flood defences" will find items where the words appear adjacent to each other. This might be in the title, the abstract, the subject keywords or even the full-text, if the PDFis in the Envia repository.

How to refine your search

You can refine your search by clicking on Add Filters. This opens up another search box that will enable you to restrict your search to a specific field. This feature is especially useful if there are a large number of results from your initial search. Such searches can be narrowed down by typing the word, or an additional word, in the filter search box and selecting the desired field (e.g. Title) from the drop-down menu. You can add additional search boxes, or remove them, by clicking the '+' or '-' icons next to the appropriate box.

You can also limit your search to specific types of documents. At present these are reports, theses and datasets (more information on these can be found on the FAQs page). You can select the desired Type from the drop-down menu on the main search box.

Searches can also be refined using the facets that appear in the left-hand pane of the results set. Here you have the choice of narrowing down your search by simply clicking on a topic in the Subject list, a specific Type (an alternative to the drop-down menu described above), a publisher or a range of dates.

Viewing the results of your search

You can sort your search results by relevance (the default), alphabetically or chronologically by selecting the required option from the Sort By menu. The order of the sort, ascending or descending, can be selected from the Order By menu.

You can navigate through your results using the page numbers and arrows displayed at the top of result set on the right-hand side. You can also change the number of records that are displayed in the result set by selecting "10", "25" or "50" from the Display menu.

Downloading documents and datasets

Clicking on a document title link within the results set will display the full record. From here you can download the document by clicking on the PDF/URL icon. Not all documents are stored within Envia; in some cases the link will be to an external website.

For data resources, the link will take you to a description of the data resource with further link(s) to the datasets.

In some cases, the link from Envia may take you to a page that requires you to login/register with the supplier before you can access the item you require. Once we have ascertained the types of content our users want us to provide we will be working with suppliers to streamline access to the content wherever possible.

We check external links in Envia once a month, but its possible that pages have moved since the last check. If something is amiss, please let us know.

Sending us feedback

Sometimes you may not find what you are looking for. This is likely to be the case in the early beta releases while the types and numbers of information resources continue to expand. It is also possible we don't have what you are looking for - but we want to know what you need, so please let us know here

Also check our FAQs page which is updated regularly in response to questions and comments from our users.

Display of Envia

Envia is optimised for the following internet browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 14.0
  • Safari 6.0
  • Chrome 26

At the moment, Envia does not yet display properly on mobile phones and tablets. This is something we hope to enable in future Envia releases.